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Any input is welcomed I will keep updating!

diy angle kit
  • e90 inner tie rod
  • extended control arm (cut&weld)
  • modified knuckles (cut&weld) or lock adapters (loosen overtime)
  • slr adj control arm bushing (caster adjustable improves self steer)
  • wheel spacers&lugs (prevent rubbing)
  • welded diff
  • coilovers (maxpeedingrod work ok; tested by hoon garage)
  • rear adj control arms (zero out rear camber)
  • bucket seat
  • aftermarket wheel
weight saving
  • gutting
  • sunroof delete
  • non electric seats
  • ac delete
  • sound deadening delete
  • headers
  • cold air intake
  • tune
  • m50 manifold
  • differential w/ high gear ratio
  • cams
  • underdrive pulley
hydro/ebrake (options)
  • inline (bad reviews)
  • handbrake resfreshed with extension (tested by hoon garage)
  • dual caliper (cheaper setup requires wheel speed sensor mod)
  • cooling: radiator,exp tank, metal waterpump, thermostat, electric fan w/ switch, hoses
  • wire oil pump nut (m54b30)
  • aluminum disa kit (if not using m50 manifold)
  • intake boots (m50 swap requires different boots)
  • catch can or refresh ccv w/ o2 pilot mod
  • subframe reinforcement
  • oil gaskets
bushings/mounts (poly or solid)
  • engine/trans
  • diff
  • rear trailing arm (spherical preferred)
  • subframe
other things
  • m56 valve cover (aluminum w/ more durable gasket)(plugin coil packs are direct fit)
  • sap delete plate
  • power steering cooler (sweatband over cap prevents spill)
  • axles from auto trans E46 (stronger)
  • rear trailing arm bracket(corrects rear toe)
oil changes (FCPEuro)
  • LM engine flush
  • LM high tech 5w40 Oil (life replacement) or Rotella T6 (unavailable from FCP)
  • mann filter (life replacement)
  • LM ceratec/mos2 (wear protection)

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Occasional drifter here :D

I would recommend to reinforce the subframe first, see if there's any crack on it.
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