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E46 Convertible Battery : Should I pick normal or AGM?

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I have a 330Ci vert that I don't use a lot, battery is dead and I am deciding between buying a normal group 94 battery or an AGM.

From what I researched, I didn't find enough information about AGM batteries with E46 verts. I read that they have an special "anti-vibration" setup; which got me thinking that's what AGM batteries are for as a benefit. However, I think these batteries didn't even exist back then.

Any recommendations?
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Has anyone figured out if an AGM battery charges okay on an E46?
I have seen it discussed but not sure what the verdict is.
I have Everlast AGM batteries in both my E53 X5 and E46 for 3 years now. No issues at all.
I wire in battery tender extenders so I can easily connect without having to open the hood.

+1. This makes life very easy. Hook to the battery terminals. Snake JUST out of the battery cover. Connect tender, close trunk with the charger sitting on the ground (heat dissipation) and confirm by the gauge and/or light.
I wired my Battery Tender in the drug bin using the jump posts. Open hood, connect the 2 pin connector and route wires through the back of the hood seal next to front window and close hood.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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