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E46 Compact boot opening when locked

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Have had my compact a few years now but recently has been unlocking the boot and leaving it open when I lock it. Any ideas? Found that there has been a slight bit of water in the boot when I changed to facelift tail lights but have changed them back and it still seems to happen. Has anyone had any experience of it? Live in Northern Ireland so if someone leaves their car like this alone in a car park its usually stolen or burnt on site so can't take it anywhere.
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I'm not getting it.

You lock the car but the trunk (boot) does not lock at the same time?

You should check the wire harness where the trunk lid wires connect to the fender. As the trunk opens and closes, these wires are flexed. The eventually break. If the right wire is broken, the trunk won't lock on command from the control module.

The trunk lock has a manual position where it locks because of the key position, not because of the status of the doors. Insert the key and turn it to the right then take the key out. The trunk (boot) will be locked all of the time, and you must use the key again to open it. It's a bit of a pain, but it is a work-around that you can use.

I'm in the States, where we do not have the Compact, but the rear of the car should open the same way as the other cars, so even if I describe the location wrong, the idea should be valid and you just have to work with the variance. Sorry for that.
When I lock the car (central locking is pressed) both doors and the boot is locked. After a while it seems to unlock itself leaving only the boot open. There is no key slot in the boot. It can only be unlocked (theoretically) by using the central locking.
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