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Hi there. This is my first post on your site. I am asking for your help today.

I bought a 2001 325i last year, and I really like it. The price was good, but the car lacked some TLC by the previous owner(s).

So I started by the obvious. Front control arms, tie-rod ends, shock absorber, couple of engine sensors... The car had a previous problem with the ASC/ABS module, so the Traction Control and ABS lights are lit.

I tried fixing it. A wheel sensor (FR) was bad (got the car scanned). After replacing it, the module was acting kind of crazy.... The 2 lights would go out. Then, as i sped up, I was earing a constant motor sound coming from the module. And if I had to step on the brakes very lightly, the ABS system was pulsing immediately. And TC was also restraining acceleration without actual slippage. And all of a sudden, the 2 lights would lit up. The audible motor sound stopped while driving, no TC but ABS was working normally (only intervening if intensive braking occured) So I had the car scanned again. And the same wheel (FR) was at cause. I checked continuity of the 3 wires. No problem there. I am kind of suspecting the module itself. I would like to repair it but not at any costs... So to get back my ABS working again normally, (but without TC) I cut the signal from the FR sensor to the module. Since then, No TC, but ABS is working normally.

To get a long story short, for nearly one year, only my TC and ABS amber warning lights were lit .

Two weeks ago, my red brake warning light lit also (in Canada, it is the (!) light). This was new to me. I was well aware that 2 inputs are linked to this light: Either the parking brake is engaged, or the brake fluid level has triggered the float.

First thing I did was to raise the parking brake a few notchs while driving. I heard the usual chime. Put it back down, the chime stopped. Ok for the parking brake signal. But the light is on at all times.
Next, I went to the engine bay to check the brake fluid level. The level was to the max line. So ok there too. After checking with the service manual, I simulated a closed circuit with a jumper wire beteen the two terminals of the float connector. Indicator still lit up.
I pulled out the cluster and directly grounded pin 23 of the X11175 connector. Brake indicator still lit up.

The 2 amber indicators were not that annoying, but the red one pisses me off.

My question is: is there another input to that light?
Did someone experienced similar problems (ASC module or brake warning lights)

Any advices would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance.

PS: The car is a CDM 2001 325i Sedan with M54 engine.
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