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I have a wierd problem with my car. Its not a severe problem but very annoying.

Sometimes, and only sometimes the car does this (like in the video). And when Im about to launch "with zero or little" trottle the car stalls.
The car cant decide what rev it will be in.

Its like when i lift the clutch and the engine gets some resistance the rev goes down and then it trys to compensate by reving to much.
And like in the video it looks like Im reving with my foot but its actually completly still (with the clutch halfway up).

I havent found any error codes scanning the car, and never had engine light.

I have checked the vacum hoses and cracks of any sort but havent found any issues.

No car that I have driven have had this problem. I have always been able to launch a car without reving it (no foot on the gas) like it should be, (of course gently).

Is there someone who have had this problem and have maybe a solution? Is there some kind of clutch sensor that might not be working like it should be?

And one other thing is that it never seems to happen when the cars been coldstarted.

E46 launch idle problem - YouTube

Sry for my bad english. Hope I have used the right words to describe the issue.

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