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Hi there guys!

I am new on the forum, but I have been reading for a long while, especially since I am having some problems with my ventillation system.

First of all I noticed that the ventillation system does not blow any air on the windscreen. At all... first it was blowing air to the legs and the dashboard, but now it only blows air to the legs. In case I set the middle vent so, that air comes from outside (the little blue dotted stuff), then there is still hot air or cold air going to the legs, but only cold air coming from the dashboard. But there is no way I can get any air to the windshield.

After this started, a few days later I noticed that the ammount of air that is coming is not according to the setting on the HVAC. I recognized that this is probably because of the FSR, so I already ordered a new one, and will have it replaced.

I have disassambled the car, meaning that I have the dashboard completley off and out of the car, so I have complete access to everything, the only thing I dont know is witch box or flap controls the air going to the windshield?

Actually my questions are the following:
1.) Can it be because of the FSR that there is no air going to the windshield, or it has nothing to do with that?
2.) Where is the motor of the flaps wich should "send air" to the windshield?
3.) Can it be the part called the "actuator" what I will have to replace? What happens if i just force the flaps? Can they break?
4.) Ofcourse I have the two airbags unplugged, so I cant check the functionallity of the flaps only when I reassemble the dashboard, so what would be a way of testing the system before I put the dashboard back?
5.) My air condition control unit used to be manual, but I have retrofitted it to digital automatic about 5 month ago. I have read somewhere, that this might also affect the working? Is this true?

Thanks for all the help, hope we will find a solution!

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