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Hi guys and thanks in advance.

I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.

I drive a 2001 330ci with 150k km.

Anyway, yesterday my power steering started playing up. It was making grinding sounds with even the slightest turns. Shortly after the power steering just stopped. So now I get a bit of a work out turning (soon there will be a gun show ;)). On top of power steering stopping there is a bit of a whine and bit of a grinding noise/feeling even when going straight.

Now I did my research here on e46 fanatics and concluded it was likely a power steering pump issue. I rung up my BMW dealership to get an idea of a cost to fix. They said $1,800 for parts and labour on top if I need a full pump and hose replacement to LF30 power steering pump. If it already had an LF30 hosing it would be about $900 plus labour. I do plan on calling around and trying to find better prices.

Anyway I went and chucked it on a jack later at home to check if I had an LF20 or LF30. Unfortunately I have an LF20. I also noticed a substantial leak.

Now my question is, is it likely I only have a leak issue and not a pump issue? My tank looks about full. If it's only a leak and I only need to replace hoses I imagine that will be much cheaper than a full replacement. Would a leak also give the same symptoms or do I need to bite the bullet and get some significant repair work done?

Either way, I'm thinking of hunting down a new LF20 pump so I don't need to upgrade my hoses. Would this work or am I just asking for trouble?

Thanks again!
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