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Hi all,

So I picked up an E46 330ci manual pre-face-lift 192K miles in sapphire black with not much service history in Feb 2020. At this point, I was clueless about cars but had the desire to work on one so when I inspected the car I used the tips of Youtube and forums but didn't have much of a clue on what to look out for. Paid £1,250 for it so, in my opinion, a lot of car for very little money.

The Plan
The plan is to build the E46 in Frozen Black. The car will be my daily and used for track days as it's something I have always wanted to get into. With my skill set, this might take an eternity but I will slowly strip the car, the car is in decent condition but requires attention and this is going to be a long build. Never worked on a car before so will make mistakes and will take me ten times longer but I will enjoy every second of it.
  • The suspension is either original or really old so will be refreshed
  • Plenty of rust on the underside so a full strip-down of the underside and rust treated
  • Brake lines are toast and will be refreshed with braided hoses added
  • The gearbox needs new bushes (possibly a short shifter) + Gearbox mounts
  • Engine is misfiring
  • Vacuum leak
  • ABS unit is faulty
  • The driver side door has a water leak
  • Plenty of deep scratches on the paint
  • Bumpers do not align
  • Cooling system refresh
  • DISA valve refresh
  • Engine mounts
  • All gaskets refreshed
  • Both wings and fuel cap are rusted so will be repairing these too
  • Frozen black re-spray
So plenty to keep me busy. I will try and take pics as I progress.

Well, this post was intended to be posted in March 2020 which I never managed to do and since have carried out a few jobs which I will document in later posts and try to catch up with the current progress on the build. BTW which is taking way longer than I expected but defo enjoyed the journey.


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All the best with the plan mate - I was in a similar position when I picked up my 330ci a couple of years ago. E46 is fairly easy to work on as a newbie (like me) but the rewards are worth it. Good luck
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