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Thanks for checking this thread. I have a 2002 325xi with the standard Business CD (non-HK) and I would like to get better sound from the system. I looked at the BSW package and I thought it was expensive until I called a local sound shop that wanted double the price to replace the speakers and 5 times that much to replace the stock amplifier as well. Here are the facts...and I'd like your advice please:
1. Stock system has to be improved - bass is weak and mids are not clear.
2. Many people say that replacing the speakers is enough.
3. Local shop says that since the crossover is in the amp, that I'll be limited on the selection of the speakers and so the improvement won't be very much even if I spend a ton of money on new speakers.
4. I have seen posts that suggest the same thing in other forums.

If this is true, and I have to get a new amp, then what amp/speaker comnbos should I get? Is it a DIY, or should I take the stuff to a sound shop and have them do it? Please let me know your thoughts. If anyone is in the business in the Chicagoland area, then I'll be over to your place ASAP.
Dr. Mark
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