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Hi all,

I have a BMW 320D Touring E46 '04. I have a problem since bought it some time ago, related to loss of power on fast acceleration. I have checked for leaking pressure pipes and precociously have replaced with new. Also I have replaced the MAF and MAP sensors. Recently changed the injectors with Bosch refurbished. I have also blank the EGR. Swirl flaps also disabled from previous owner. I have checked the tank fuel pump that is OK and diesel filter has also changed as part of service. The DDE of the car seems to have been replaced with a newer model of 2009. The DDE warning light used to light on when car going on linp mode, until i cleared the faults via AD410 OBDII Fault Code Reader. Since then the DDE led does not come as a warning but the car continues to loose power on fact acceleration. If i instantly switch off and on the engine on drive, the car operates normally again, until another fast acceleration.

Since no more faults were reported on AD410 OBDII (propably clearing the faults through it was a bad decision) I therefore connected a OBD K+DCAN cable to get the errors through the INPA.

I get the the following errors
4570 Rail Pressure not Plausible
3F01 Boost Pressure Sensor -Short circuit to B- or Open
3F03 Boost Pressure Sensor -Plausibility
4063 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor DDE-Plausibility Ref. Boost

The diagnostics from INPA images are provided. Before checking and changing any other sensor or valve your own opinion on possible root cause would be highly appreciated

Many thanks


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