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I am experiencing no torque under 2500 rpm, almost feels like a turbo lag. And car spews black smoke but not instantly after pressing the pedal. You can hear the turbo spool

I have changed the air filter, changed MAP, and an injector
The previous MAP read 1300kpa at idle and without turning the car on, now it reads 1000kpa.
I tested injectors with a leak-off test and Cyl 3 was filling up very fast, I changed it and coded it to the car.

Using INPA I see that all cylinders are -0.5ish and cylinder 4 is +2 but it didn't fail the leak-off test.
When I start rotational conformity the car starts vibrating and switching back to mass the cylinder 4 is in the red.
MAF reads 300 at idle, wasn't able to check it while driving or under load
Car request 2000kpa of boost but actual is only 1200kpa at acceleration under 2500rpm.
The car also jerks forward almost like accelerating when pressing the pedal but then flattens out instantly.
The Turbo actuator is working, at least it's moving.

Current remaining possible fixes are
Changing the MAF
Changing injector 4
Thorough Vaccum check
Possible EGS module interference, at least so I'm told, but the car is a manual.
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