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I have a 2004 bmw 320cd with 150k miles on the clock.

While pulling away from standstill the car seemed to hesitate / misfire / judder somewhere between roughly 1200-2000rpm. At first i thought it might be a flywheel problem but then noticed it seemed like a strange misfire. If i carefully tried to pull away from standstill at a higher rpm eg 2000rpm it wouldn’t judder anywhere near as badly (if at all).

The problem was every time you pulled away I looked like an arsehole driver. The problem would go away and come back. At one point when accelerating on the motorway at 4000rpm the glow plug light DDE came on and stayed on. (The EML light is always on because after having had to replace the EGR cooler twice, I decided to remove the EGR and EGR cooling system). Weirdly, at some points the car almost felt faster than usual.

When I got home I plugged the car into my diagnostics and it came up with the following fault codes

4212 state-current
Glow plug, cylinder 1, activation.

4222 state-current
Glow plug, cylinder 2, activation.

4232 state-current
Glow plug, cylinder 3, activation.

4242 state-current
Glow plug, cylinder 4, activation.

Having researched for hours I am thinking it is a problem with the glow plug control relay. Do any of you think that this fault could cause the symptoms I mentioned above?

At the same time there was a fault code

41E7 state-current
Oxygen sensor, signal, pump current

4298 state current
Oxygen sensor

Or do you think that the aforementioned symptoms from today are to do with these oxygen sensor faults? If the symptoms are from oxygen sensors from my research it looks like they’re four on this car. How can I tell which one is faulty or could it be a dodgy injector letting too much fuel in and therefore throwing an oxygen sensor fault? If it is a dodgy injector, how can I tell which one is faulty?

Could the faulty glow plug relay be causing an insufficient burn of fuel therefore causing this misfire? FYI the car doesn’t seem particularly hard to start and i haven’t got any huge amounts of black or white smoke although i have previously removed the EGR valve and swirl flaps.

Not sure where to start or what parts to start replacing first. Has anyone got any experience with these sorts of problems?

Thank you.
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