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For some time now I`ve had issues with a terrible high pitched loud squealing sound. The sound seems to be from the engine bay or under the front/middle part of the car.

  • The sound appears after driving the car about an hour or so
  • The sound is constant with little variation
  • The sound seems to be loud all over the engine bay
  • The sound is the same at all rpm, maybe a little less loud when accelerating but might be just hard to hear.
I`ve replaced both "fan" belts, and the (3) pulleys except tensioner pulleys

What I`ve tried to diagnostic the issue (with squealing sound present) :
  • Spraying silicone grease/lube under the old fan belts to see if the sound went away, without any change in sound.
  • Listen with a metal rod to identify the squeal (I did not locate the sound)
  • Changed my belts and pulley's without fixing the sound.
  • Blocking the exhaust with a rag. (no change in sound
Please I need some tips, I cannot seem to find the problem and it`s quite annoying.
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