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Q/A put together by Blue442 (from the TR_MS3 thread)

If you see anything here that needs to be edited let me know and I will change it.

Q: Do you have full ipod control correct?
A: Yes

Q: Does it has tv reception?
A: Yes. You'll need to grab an antenna off ebay or such. Tuner is built in though. Not sure if it will work in the USA on the new digital standard.

Q:dvd's play no problem when you are driving?
A:Yes. You have to ground the parking brake wire, just like on any other DVD setup. It even tells you how to in the instructions.

Q: Do Navi maps work fine when ipod or something else is playing?
A: Yes

Q: Do Album cover's of the songs show up on the screen when in iPod mode?
A: No, it does not

Q: What Maps are included?
A: USA and Canada, iGo map updates can be purchased online for about $50

Q: Do Steering Wheel controls work?
A: Steering wheel controls work for radio/dvd/ipod/cd. Climate control works fine. Everything works like OEM, however lack of steering wheel control for Bluetooth

Q: Is the CD Changer Compatible?
A: No, it is not.

Q: Can you play Ipod Video?
A: Yes

Q: How many Aux ports are there?
A: unit has 2 aux in ports

Q: Where is the Mic
A: The unit comes with a built in mic on the unit (lower left corner) and a wired external mic. Seeing as i have a vert, I put it in the upper corner of the windshield with the wire running up the A-pillar. It's quite hidden. If you have a coupe, there's plenty of wire to mount it in the factory location. The mic just uses a standard 3.5mm jack, so if the BMW factory one has that, you could plug the factory mic into the unit.

Q: How does Bluetooth work?
A: Bluetooth is controlled 3 ways.

You dial on the phone and once you hit send, the stereo picks it up and switches over to the bluetooth screen on the unit.
You touch the screen and return to the home screen and then click bluetooth. Then you use the dial pad on screen or use the phonebook feature on the screen.
You press the large button in the lower right corner of the unit. It takes you to the bluetooth screen. Then you use the dial pad on screen or use the phonebook feature on the screen.

Q: Does Satelite Radio work?
A: If you have a tuner that uses RCA and you can pluig it into the AUX in.

Q: Where is the ipod connector located?
A:in the back or the front? in the back, but it comes with a cable so you can place it where you want

Q: Does this required the use of the AC Relocation Kit?
A: Yes, you can get it from tischer
Here are the part numbers
51 16 7 001 410 (illuminated)
51 16 7 001 408 (not illumincated)

Q: Does this require cutting into the AC Ductwork?
A: No

Q: Do i need to use DICE with this system?
A: No

Q: Would the unit allow for firmware upgrades if the unit had bugs, and Dynavin released updates?
A: Yep. They said that they will periodically release firmware updates that can be loaded on a USB memory stick or on the microSD card and installed.

Q: Can you play avi/divx files off of the sd card or memory stick as well?
A: Yes, off the memory stick. Have not tested with SD card.

Q: Is it possible to get "names" on the radio channels, or does it just display the frequency?
A: No, no names

Q: how does the ipod integration work. will i be able to swich songs on the steering wheel?
A: Yes. And volume control too.

Q: Does BMW Assist continue to function or will we loose that functionality?
A: No idea. I don't have BMW assist to test.

Q: Is it possible to make the built in microphone work with this unit?
A: Anything's possible. The unit uses a standard 3.5mm jack, so if you can wire the stock mic to a plug like that, then it should work.
Does the LCD display the song name and artist when hooked up to iPod, or does it just say the track number?

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displays all the info. I will add it to the original post.
Thanks so much. Would you mind putting a picture of the LCD up while playing an iPod? I am trying to decide if I should get this unit or one that I know shows the album picture from the iPod.

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Ordered it from the "other guy" before all the drama came to light. :(

It seems to only be the radio side. This morning, the radio side was distorted while the GPS and backup camera screens were fine.

I set the TFT open to Auto (not really sure what this setting is). I turned off the unit before turning off the car, and I went to work. After work, the unit powered up fine. I've been shutting it off and on, and it seems to be working properly now.

what kind of backup camera do you use?

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the new wire harness has the clips so you can plug in the LOCs they provide if you wish. Just matching the wire colors would do. Pretty nifty but I didn't need the LOCs :)

Jeff thanks for all you help.. this one is for you from my install last night;

This one has the built in Digital TV tuner and Digital radio.
god damn that thing looks good with those new knobs.
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