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I'm going to drop off my car tomorrow morning at 7 AM (Concord BMW). And they told me I'll be getting a BMW loaner in a first come first serve basis. I'm hoping for that Z4!

How long does it take? the whole day? more than a day?

I have some problems with the car too, rattling passenger side speaker (Sonnen BMW can't fix it (took it 3 times), check engine light is on , whiny noise at 3200-3400 rpm (at any gears), and you can hear the MPG Gauge in the morning. Will it take more than a day? I would like to drive the loaner for the weekend, that is if i get a z3/z4, not that I don't love my car, I just wanna try something different.

Anything else I should ask for? Is allignment covered in the maintenance warranty?
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