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I'am currently experiencing a strange problem on my E46 330i touring (2001) related to the cars DSC/ABS system.

The problem is as follows.
When I turn on the car the only dash light that turns on is the "brake pads warning light". However, all brake pads are in good condition and the sensors are good too.
The car does have working DSC, but the ABS is completely off.
When reading errors with BMW Scanner 1.4 the following 3 errors show up in the ABS module:
- 5E5E/40 - Brake light switch Error, plausibility Error.
- 5DA3/C0 - Wheel speed sensor front right start recognition v_comparison.
- 5D93/C0 - Wheel speed sensor front left start recognition v_comparison.

I have checked all the fuses related to the ABS system (fuse 12, 33, 40, 42, 53, 56, 61 and 9).

I suspect that the DSC/ABS module might be faulty, but that should light up the ABS and traction control lights, right?
I could change both front wheel speed sensors, but what are the chance that both of them fail at the same time?

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem will be appreciated very much.
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