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Hey guys, i got a 2004 330ci
I just did my clutch and rear main seals done. Just drove the car for a couple short distances after the job was done. Everything seemed smooth and normal. Last week i took the car in for my airbag recalls that I noticed, when putting in 1st and 2nd gear my tranny (what I personally felt) clunks very bad!! Got the car up on the hoist and tried 1st and 2nd again. I had 3 bmw techs looking at it. They said, the whole drivetrain moves back and forward. Their suggestion was that I gotta do my engine mounts but that might not be the only reason for this problem!!
just to give u guys more information, I didn’t notice any crazy vibration in the cabin.
also, I did my tie rods, control arm bushings, and alignment at the same time when i did my clutch. Still my car pulls to left and right like a stupid cow sometimes as it did before getting the suspension job done!! I’m just so confused and mad because I didn’t even get to push the car!! Now i got more problems… Please help me out by sharing your experiences. Thanks
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