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Hi guys,

new to the forum.

so i purchased a 2004 e46 m3 vert smg with 72000 miles a couple months back, rich guy was the only owner, absolutely no accidents or any signs of accidents plus clean carfax. only drove on weekends/ summer.

about a month ago, the drivers side axle blew out (im sure you can guess how)
not a big problem. replaced with an OEM drivers side axle. while i was replacing, the axle would not come out of the hub for its dear life. so i decided to replace the entire hub/bearing/trailing arm setup., i found the entire setup used on ebay from a reputable used parts store from an 05 vert with 40000 miles. everythings in excellent shape, no bends cracks or play in any of the components. got everything put together peachy. only problem is, the drivers side wheel sits about 1/2inch to an inch further back in the wheel well toward the rear bumper than it should. passenger side is perfect. i took it to get an alignment and they said its maxed out on the drivers side. they got it driving straight, but the wheel still sits back about 2/10ths of a degree.

what could cause this? camber arm possibly bent? spring arm? HELP!!!

thanks in advance guys. im totally stumped on this one.
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