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Hey everybody,

I did this before on another forum and never got a good answer if it was taboo or not. This is the first place I want to look for interest in what I have to offer, though, because I know how extensive the track community is here on this forum, especially (and obviously) with the E46 platform! Please forgive me if this isn't appropriate!

I have completely revamped my driver coaching program. I now can coach in both in clients' personal cars or in a completely adjustable track prepped BMW M3. This is the same style car that I leaned on and serves as a chalkboard for the explanation of car physics and how setup changes work and feel. I can also offer full hospitality for track events so we can discuss driving in the comfort of an air conditioned Renegade.

Anything from driving theory to track car setup is something I can include and cater to in a day or weekend. Modestly, I have learned the above from some incredible road racers and am passionate about relaying that information to new drivers. I respected my coaches very highly and have always enjoyed the idea of being in that position.

I'm sure prices are the point that really turn this post into something that shouldn't be posted so I won't put them up here. Just know that with my resources I can offer similar prices to my colleagues but with the use of a track prepped car. You don't have to worry about wadding up your daily or wearing out pads on your personal track car.

If anyone is interested please let me know. I would love to get something started as soon as possible. The best time is the off-season which is NOW!

-Matt Bell

Moderators, I know that this is probably bordering on a vendor promotion, please inform me on how to become one.
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