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Door lock issues on my 01 330ci Vert

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Hey there guys, I’ve got a couple of issues with my locks and I’d really like some help or ideas. I’ve done a ton of searching on here and other forums but I can’t find someone with the same exact issues as me. So, my passenger door will not unlock. I can’t pull the interior handle twice and using the keyhole on the driver's door won’t unlock it either. My central lock button does not unlock my driver or passenger door, it just locks the doors.

My driver's door can be unlocked by pulling the interior handle. The car sat for a while so I think the passenger door is deadlocked in some way or form. Does anyone think it’s the GM5 module? I’m not sure since the passenger door can’t unlock by pulling the interior handle, but it would explain the issues with neither doors working with the central lock button. The gas door and everything else works fine as well because I know the GM5 module can affect a lot of things.

If it is my actuator on the passenger side then how did some of you all get it unlocked to replace that? Hopefully, someone can save my butt, I am mostly worried about getting the passenger door open. I don’t know if getting the module repaired will get it open. Hopefully, someone out there has faced the same thing as me.
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I had a similar situation a few years back, but both my fobs were working. After a lot of frustration searching how to fix it, I took it in to my bmw guy. He fixed it quick smart and said that my gm5 module had failed. Once replaced it solved the lock and unlock issue yay!
My only advice prior to replacing the gm5 is to read the module with ncs to get all the settings from the old gm5 and then upload it into the new gm5 so that your original options remain and you don’t then have to sit for ages with ncs trying to figure out what options you should have had.
And yes get your fobs working as it helps a lot in the long run
Hope that helps
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