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Door Dings any way to protect?

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I currently live in a townhouse community and keep the '02 325i 4dr covered (Weathershield). I took the cover off over the weekend and noticed a ding in the drivers door. Is there something I can do or get to protect those eposed doors. I will have a garage in about a year. I thought about trying to drap a peice of material to cover the front and rear doors but not sure what to use. Foam would probably absorb water, some type of rubber but sure if that would scratch paint.

Can anyone help me out. The dings are pissing me off, up to two now in the same place.
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you could get those magnetic door gaurds.
Do you have a site for them?
VSchlitz said:
Do you have a site for them?
I pm'd you:thumbup:
garages are nice for this, however....

aside from placing a large plexiglass dome over your car when parking in public areas your only weapon against door dings is luck!

people are idiots and they have no respect for other peoples expensive property, I have been sitting in my car (the Jetta) 3 times! and had someone pull up next to me and bap check their door against mine, i usually roll the window down and thank them, sometimes i will give them a ding back when they are away (mf'ers)

park far from everybody, no matter where u go
Take up two parking spots and tie a hungry Rottweiler to each door handle.:) and you won't get any dings or dents. I guarantee it.

Other than that all you could do is get a garage.
don't park next to anyone. No matter what the cost I never park next to anyone, i don't care how far I have to walk I refuse to park next to anyone.

I remember when I bought my previous car, used buick, but the body was in perfect condition. Within one week of ownership i had a door ding on either side. So now, no matter what I refuse to park next to anyone.
coffee said:
How much does it usually cost to remove a door ding?
It is typically in the $100.00 area. Most of the people work by panel, so if they are all in the same panel, then doing 1 or 6 is not that much more.

I had 6 removed from my wife's passenger door and it cost me $169.00. I know it is not her fault, but I sure wish she would park farther away.
it usually doesnt matter how far away you park from everyone else.. it never fails you could park at the end of the lot a mile away from the entrance to the bldg and when you come out there are two other cars parked right next to yours..

i think if you park and take up two spaces it makes people hit your car intentionally because they assume you are a jacka$$
I used to have to park in those outdoor garage spaces too and guess I got lucky with no real dents but there is no real total solution. However, most of them are totally unintentional since some people just don't care about their cars like we do!

Your idea of draping a thick piece of foam over your door panels sounds like a very good idea man... :) Never thought of it but if you hide it under your car cover, no one will ever notice and others may even appreciate the extra cushioning when they hit your doors...literally!

Othewise, do what my roommate did and go buy a DENT KING. I was a total skeptic but that thing really does work. We tried it on his car and then my bro's g/f's Jetta and it worked quite well! haha

Park as far away as you can from everybody. I don't recommend taking up 2 places though cause that just pisses some people off, even if there are tons of parking spots. I always take an end spot where I can back in with the driver's side next to the curb. I get as close as humanly possible to the curb. Then I play the percentages that if someone does park next to me they will more than likely head in rather than back in. Then, if they do not have a passenger, there won't be anyone opening the door next to my car.
just common sense.

don't part too far that you draw attention.

Park on corner spots or spots by curbs, so you can park your car as close as possible to the corner/curb and leave plenty of space on the other side in the event that mofo swings the door wide open.

just like what Pfloyd said.......although, sometimes it takes me 5 mins to look for a parking spot even though the parking lot is half empty
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