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Does mileage really matter?

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without looking at the resale value?

i have a 1999, i always feel like im driving too much, i just hit 53600 miles today... but then again i tell myself a car is meant to be driven... :dunno:
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Last night i was trying to check how much my car will depriciate if i continue to drive like i do ( 8500 in 3 months)... These are the numbers i got using Kelly. I have a another car that i can use for my major driving but it is just sooo much more fun in my 330ci.
These are the trade in values:
now 8500miles=$31,860
in 2 yr w/ 36000 miles=$25,115
in 2 years w/24000 miles=$27,465
in 2 yr w/17500 miles=$28,515

So it is $3300 for 18,000 miles in 2 years.
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