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Does mileage really matter?

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without looking at the resale value?

i have a 1999, i always feel like im driving too much, i just hit 53600 miles today... but then again i tell myself a car is meant to be driven... :dunno:
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i think i got you guys topped 2001 M just hit 50k have my car for 2 years next month. i just dont get some people i spent 55grand on the car i'm gonna drive it. instead of babying it and leaving it in the garage i think thats kind of stupid your spending your money so drive your car. people see my car at shows and think i drive it once a month i just take care of it my car is daily driven almost 100miles a day and running strong!!!
e46boy said:

well.. i don't know about you, but m3 is my dream car and the car that i really want, and hopefully that's my next car, instead of abusing the crap out of my 330, i rahter not put so much miles on it due to resale values

used to drive more than 2000 miles a month, now pushing it down to 1.6k or so

when i get my m3 is when i don't care about mileage, becuae i'll be keeping that car forever :thumbup:
I checked the book value of my car and with the miles its only a 1000 dollar deduction thats not bad, but i agree i will have this car forever also. i do plan on getting a new car within a year but my M will still be in my Garage:D
you guys have to admit one thing which poeple who see my miles dont understand. Driving a BMW is fun no matter what year make or model when your bored you just want to drive and when you are driving you never want to stop. These cars are addicting and no matter what other you car you get in it just doesnt feel the same. I have a 2000 civic si with 18's dropped lookin good but last summer i never drove it once because it just doesnt compare. One time i was 1/2 way to work and turned around on the highway just to go back on get my BM. call me crazy but its a DRUG:D
bmwti said:
hehe I thought I was getting old 2001 330ci, from the early summer of 2000, and I just broke 17,000 miles.

Miles matter somewhat performance wise. Your car will perform better with more miles on it up to a point. But then after a while it tops off and goes downhill. I forgot which mag it was but they had a 2 year update of their 2001 M3. And after 50,000 miles their M3 averaged slower times (done over a week period) in both 0-60 and quarter mile times than when they first tested the same car.
i dont know if i agree i was told that all engines reach full potential break in at 50000 miles. everything at this point has been put to the test and should be worked in well.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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