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A little long.. sorry:

New 03 325i... a week old.. I KNOW every imperfection on it.. inside and out.

Was reluctant to let my local BMW dealer fit the OEM alarm.. but as Australian cars don't come pre-wired (how crap) it was going to be an all day job.. so after parting with $1400 ($US750) I crossed my fingers that they wouldn't put the slightest mark on anything.

Now I will admit.. I am probably a lot fussier than the average person but hey my car means alot to me.. and I want to keep it in prestiage condition.

So I go and pick the car up.. here starts the saga..

1) 'Somehow' they scrached my rear bumper quite badly.. probably dropped a tool or something? After getting a 'raised' eyebrow from the Service manager when I went mental and insisted that my week old car hadn't a mark on it anywhere, he wouldn't even 'admit' they did it.. but in good faith they'd repair it.

2) Shock horror when I open the door and see a round LED drilled into my centre console next to the door lock and hazard light switches. I can't express enough how stupid and 'non-genuine' this looks. The even worse thing is the supplementary manual from BMW that I get even has it as installed there for after factory OEM alarm fitting? How pathetic. If I knew that this were the case I would have said no LED or at least put it under my rear view mirror! But to drill into my console.. well.. I nearly fainted. I am still 'negotiating' what they are going to do about this... but at this point they will replace the centre console part and put the LED under my visor at least... but I don't want them to touch the interior of my car anymore.. because

3) The righthand side window switches have a scratch and dent on one of them.. like it was pried out or something? Anyway.. they have said they will change it.. but indicated I was being a little too fussy??

4) The worse thing of ALL. My sat-nav-tv screen.. which I checked thoroughly when taking delivery and continue to make sure it doesn't have a single mark on it.. well I check it well.. and what do I see but a scratch.. long one.. near the bottom right corner. Now, try changing that! They certainly won't admit that they did it, and then they say it's barely noticable.. but it's very noticable to me. I KNOW that there was nothing on the screen when I gave the car to them. They aren't taking any kind of responsibility either. It's basically my word against theres :(

Anyone have any suggestions? or advice? They aren't going to do anything period. I don't think you can change the front protection glass/plastic on the screen?


I will never let them do any work to the interior of my car again. These people just don't seem to understand that these cars aren't cheap.. and how much they are loved by their owners. They are so mistaken if they think I wouldn't mind a scratch here or there.


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sorry to hear man. but talk to the GM of that dealership and have them look at your car. if he still refuses to do anything about it. you should call up bmwNA? or bmwAustrillia?? and complain to them. just act professional about it. most likely, they'll repaint your bumper and fix your car back to original.
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