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...the sticker is the easiest but if you are a techy go to the BMW website and register yourself as an owner. You will need the VIN number which you will probably get from the afore mentioned STICKER which should have the info you need in the first place!!!

(hopefully the CODE below is understandable!)

In the meantime here is the VIN Code Breakdown

----------------------------------------- --------
_________WBA_____BMW AG
4,5,6 Model
_________BN5_________ 330Ci
_________3_________United States model
8__________________Restraint System
_________3 or 4 Dual, de-powered airbags
9__________________Check digit
10__________________Model year
11__________________Assembly plant
_________C or F_____ Dingolfing
_________E or J______Regensberg
12-17______________ Serial number
_________6digit serial number

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There is handy way if all you got is the VIN - by looking up when the car was transported by the shipping line, which is usually loaded on the vessel 1 to 2 weeks after the car was built.

Go to Wallenius Wilhelmsen's web site
select Tracking, Auto, and enter the VIN; it will show the vessel with details on when and where the car was loaded and unloaded.

This has been useful for me when I was checking dealer inventories online (before I ordered and got my car), as the VINs are usually listed.
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