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Does anybody know what this is and where it goes

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Hi I have been replacing the door actuator on my 328ci 1999 model.
In doing so I had to take the window our of the regulator. The fixing on the right hand side (door lock side) was a right pig to take off and get back on. I have reassembled the clamp and the last thing is to line up the hexagonal plastic tube to the insert within the hole at the bottom of the glass. In moving the window regulator last night (which I have done plenty of times so far) there was a clunk as something fell to the bottom of the door. It was the plate shown in the attachment. I have never seen this before even though I have removed the door lock and taken the window regulator completely out. Hopefully its not a critical part. The window operates ok although only fastened to one side of the regulator at the moment and the door handle is now working fine. Can anybody please help?


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A quick search on RealOEM refers to that piece as a "clamp plate," part number: 51338254128.

It's item #9 in the diagram below if that helps with figuring out its placement:

Click to view on RealOEM.

And here's an actual image with item #12 and #10 visible. That clamp plate (#9) should presumably sit inside the bracket, lining up with the groove:


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Thanks for info

Thanks for the quick reply. The issue is I have taken the clamp to pieces many times now and never seen this plate before, unless it was stuck in some obscure part of the door. The image you have shown is the fitting near the door pillar (just under no 3 in the diagram) which is not the one shown with the parts assembly. Is there a similar image of the other side of the regulator? That has that has a complete different arrangement. The clamp which I have on the other side has a wedge section which sits inside the clamp, the cover plate hinges over this.

On following your link I can see the parts list shows what goes through the actual window is before its gets to the clamp so this plate must have been hidden on the side of the glass under the plastic clip that goes over the glass.

Thanks for your help
Glad that got you pointed in the right direction. Sorry for the wrong angle of the regulator, I see the part you're talking about and there's a much better view of it in the image gallery on ECS Tuning's site: http://www.ecstuning.com/Search/SiteSearch/51338229105/ES94462.

Haven't found a better image that actually shows the inside breakdown other than the diagram, though. It's still early here, so there may be others who can give a more detailed answer. Glad that helps!
Great Thanks

Its billed as a relatively simple job. Not if you have big hands and especially when the clamp falls apart! After much frustration I put an elastic band around it to hold it together. I also had to buy a 5.5 flat ring spanner to drive the bolt from the back. Hopefully tonight will be the last time I need to take it to pieces again.
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