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Just want to give some insight on my retrofit/upgrade and give some pointers to everyone that have Stock AL/Bosch projectors and are interested in upgrading to a newer Projectors.

All my guidelines and help came from Thebuildjournal & Grayson Terry .. THANK YOU!

Purchased NHK G5-R Projector with E46 Bracket by Lightwerkz Global Inc.

Bulbs: Osram CBI *Purchased about half a year ago from Lightwerkz as well*

Ballast & Ignitor: Factory

Angel Eyes: Khoalty

Before taking my instructions to consideration note that the sizing of cutting the pegs may vary depending on the projectors you get. These guidelines are mostly for G5-R and variants or possibly others but i would recommend taking your time and doing some cut and fit process.

So my starting process was to measure all pegs from the bottom lip of where the reflector edge ends and the top of the peg and notice they are all the same size which was about 7/8 and after some trial and error, & cutting it, & trying it, i found that 3/16 was the most that i can cut before having a super thin peg to mount on and make it less strong to carry the projectors. This method of cutting made the projectors sit slightly flush.

After all that and mounting them back to the housing and testing them. They seem to be fine and looked great but there was one problem. The Secondary High beam (Flash to pass) was a bit higher than the cut off. I thought it was going be normal but i decided to test out my previous stock headlight reflector and projector and saw that the projector and secondary high sits roughly the same. So i went back to add one *1/8 nuts* onto the bottom two pegs to raise a bit of the projector (Which makes the projectors sit a bit in an angle and makes the bottom pegs 5/16 of high in total)

Now mounting them back onto the car, both lights *Projectors and Flash to Pass* sit on top of each other perfectly.

Here are a comparison between Stock AL/Bosch Projectors Vs G5-R


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