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Ok, so I bought an iPod Touch and put my Cowon D2 up on the bay. (stupid move I know)

The 330 I just bought has the Ipod interface as well as the JVC Dvd player in my STI. So I thought........."cool and the gang, i wil get an iPod and have it work in both vehicles".


For some @sshole reason, Apple decided to make the iTouch not work with most external controls. Both cars work just fine with my daughters older iPod.

When I called the dealer, I was told technically yes, the BMW controller should see the Touch but it also may depend on what week (WTF?) Touch i got as well as what firmware is in my control.

Ok so now what?

Ipods are known to give a better signal through the docks than through the headphone jack when attaching to an external source.

iTrip and fm modulators suck in a metroplitan area.

I also hate having the stupid car charger and cables hanging out cluttering up my car. was my solution:

I already have a Belkin Car charger with amplifide audio jack for my ipod. I bought the BMW aux input for $30, 1/8" to 1/8" headphone patch cable for $2.00, and a cig lighter jack for $0.97.

I used the oportunity of soldering in my Valentine1 to install this:

I am using a pic of the finshed product so you can see all of the parts I listed above and how they fit together.

(I forgot to take a pic of this) When you pull the BMW radio to pop the Aux input in, plug the 1/8" headphone patch cable into the BMW cable and zip tie it nice and neat behind the radio.

I soldered the power wires onto the cig lighter jack and soldered the positive behind the fuse of my V1 power (This was first run to the purple wire behind the BMW radio which is switched-with-key power).

The best way to do this is to simply peal the insulation back from about 5mm of the wire and solder at this point. Follow it up with some self curing tape.

For ground, I soldered both the V1 gnd and the cig lighter gnd to the BMW Cig lighter gnd as it is handy and has equal potential with the BMW radio gnd.

It fits up nicely under the ashtray.

I ran the iPod cable/connector up through the upper storage compartment. This was the perfect spot for me because it gives a place to store the cable and ipod both when not in use. (and you can dismantle the back to pop the large ipod connector into cutting needed)

When you turn the key on, it turns on the ipod through the dock and it pops out for use and song chage:

And fits perfect to be closed up and out of sight and out of thieving bastards minds. It is also nice as when you turn the key off it will stop playback on the ipod and the ipod will turn itself off in a minute.

As i said, most wont need this because your ipod controller works......For the rest of us, this is a good option.
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