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searching for anwers

hello everybody!! very usefull post you have here...so let me bring a tough one. bare in mind that i'm new in the bmw world, so i don't know very much about them.
My problem, as i wanted to start, is that for a few weeks i am trying to activate my mfl's..all god, i allready had the e39 mfl (got them for free) and tried to add them to my steering on the e46. my e46 is a frankenstein car...originaly was a 1999 2.0d...and now it is a 2004 facelift and 1.8td (electronic throttle) ..as the previous owner told me, he took everything from a rolled car and added to this one just for the engine.

the wiring for the mfl was made ok (as far as i can tell, after i have verrified it the 99th time) but each time i plug the buttons in the steering wheel i get the radio -disabled- and of corse buttons not working...damn them:banghead:.

Concerning this, i have received some info from a guy who makes a living from diagnosting cars, but it's hard to believe:

are there e46 radio's that not support MFL? (as stated by this guy:)

are the e39 buttons compatible?

can someone guide me to be sure that the wireing harness between the mfl and steeing whell was correctly made?

when accesing the mfl module from inpa i have a error which states that the communication with mfl module is intreupted or mfl module not found...and the guy said that my radio (from ike scan application) does not support mfl (hard to believe) from my laptop with the obd2 scaner and inpa i have managed to change volume and frequency

so, can somebody guide me to make my mfl work? i am most interested in radio controls

cheers to all bmw lovers!:thumbup:
1 - 1 of 172 Posts