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N46 engine, DME front side black connector, pin 4

OK. I found that too.

You might read thru this

It is a google translation of a German site so my understanding is not going to be perfect.

Perfectly clear, right?
It looks like there is a slightly different retrofit wiring kit for the N46 that has a pin connector that fits into fits into that socket. The blue wire is extended (using a butt connector) by a brown wire.
In the posts down the page it looks like someone just tapped into the existing wire on pin #4 of x60002 to reuse the connector. I think he just clipped it.

Also note, that the link and the picture you posted are mirrored because one depicts the socket side and the other the plug side.

Good luck.

(Disclaimer time: I'm not a mechanic and I haven't done this before. I don't speak German. I take no responsibility for anything at any time.)
Reviwing an old topic.

I just did the retrofitting of the MFL yesterday and indeed you have to mount the cruise control cable on the black, front side connector of the DME unit on pin number 4. I just replaced the white/blue cable which was at that position and it works fine (at leat for me it did).

In the picture that green/red wire in the picture goes into the black connector pin number 4. :thumbsup:

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I have the N46 engine. This is the DME module:

Yes the connector with the blue dot does come apart. I have already inspected it because I found this information on the DME module:


It clearly says that the wire for 'E46 Signal from cruise control (right-hand button pad on multi-function steering wheel)' goes into slot 4 of the 'connector X60002, 26-pin'
. But there is already a wire in that slot so havn't got a clue where to put it.
For an N46 engine the cruise control wire goes here:

Otherwise install the wires like instructed here:
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