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This is an installation guide for LED turn signals bulb and Load EQs for proper flash and no error lights.

courtesy of LSUKNUT :bow:

F1 Autohaüs LED Rear Turn Signal Installation E46

1. Open the trunk and remove bulb carrier by twisting the knob to the left. Pull the bulb carrier straight back.

2. Unplug electrical harness and remove carrier. This will give you room to work on the wires.

3. Remove old OEM turn signal bulb from the bulb carrier and insert your new LED bulb. This should be the center bulb on most E46's.

4. Separate the wires and identify the wires you are going to tap into for the turn signal. These will be the same colored wires for all E46's

The solid brown wire is the negative wire
The right turn signal (positive) wire is light blue with a brown stripe
The left turn signal (positive) wire is light blue with a green stripe

It never hurts to double check this by looking at where your LED plugs into the carrier. You can see the carrier has what looks like a steel maze on it. Follow the top and bottom lines where your new LED is plugged in. The top should go to where the brown wire will plug into, the bottom should go to where the blue / brown - blue / green will plug into.

5. Fully open the blue wire connectors supplied by [email protected] Autohaüs. In the connector you will see one tray goes from one end to the other - this is where you will lay the positive turn signal wire. The other side of the connector only allows you to put one wire half way through - this is where you will lay the wire for one end of the resistor provided by [email protected] Autohaüs. Once the wires are in place, close the connector and be sure both wires are well seated within the connector. Use a pair of pliers and apply pressure to close the connector.

NOTICE - The positive and negative wires are very small and sometimes the connector doesn't properly peel the covering over the wire. If the wire covering does not properly peel, the connector is not making contact with the wire and the connector is not performing its intended task. The only way to be 100% that the connector is making contact with the positive or negative wires is to peel away some of the wire covering with a small knife or razor blade prior to closing the connector and seating it where the connector will close down on the area you exposed the wire.

6. Repeat this same task for the negative (Brown) wire. You should now have the resistor attached in between the positive and negative wires. This is a good time to plug the bulb carrier back up and test your new turn signal. If you have an abnormal or fast turn signal more than likely one of the connectors is not properly making a good connection with the wire. Open each connector and check to see if the small piece of steel inside the connector is touching exposed wire. Close the connector and retest.

7. Peel the backing off of the resistor and attach the resistor to the body of the car, somewhere below to tail light housing. Make sure the area is clean so that you have a good surface to stick to. Also try to make sure it's an area where nothing else will be touching it since the resistors can get quite warm.

8. Insert the bulb carrier back into the back of the taillight and repeat these steps on the other turn signal. Once you are done, if you have done the job right, you should have normal speed LED turn signals with no light out warnings on your instrument cluster.


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Help me pls with LED rear turn signal (E46 318i M43)

dear Mike and LSUKNUT,

can you help me with my E46 318i M43? i have install LED turn signal and the resistor but facing problems with it :eek:. at first the electrician where i buy the LED install the resistor on the blue cable and the white cable and it got me a hazard light when i turn on the left or the right turn signal :facepalm:.

when installing everything is normal because the trunk were open and the problem is when the trunk is close. i figure because the white cable connect to the trunk light.

so, after i read your posting, i changed the resistor from white cable to brown cable and the problem goes away. the turn light does not go to hazard light when i close the trunk :excited:.
(my rear light is different from yours and with clip to open the case)

3 bulb only

but, when i enter the cabin, i see my headlight indicator/warning is ON :banghead:. I have check every light from low light, headlight, beam light, turn signal light, hazard light, fog lamp front and rear, and every light is normal.

can you tell me what went wrong and can this get the electricity got short (and burn my car :impulss:). or if this brown cable is safe can i just switch off the headlight indicator using GT1?

thx in advance
found the problem. forgot to mention that i put LED to low beam/city light and that cause the indicator and front LED turn light to ON.

solution: i put a 5watt light to right low beam city light and the problem solved.
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