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I just took my new to me E46 M3 to the stealership for an alignment and they told me they couldn't do it due to worn rear wishbone bushings and front control bushings. Is that what you guys call the RTAB's and FCAB's?

They wanted $1300 to replace all of and I almost fainted.....think I'm gonna do it myself as I'm very mechanically inclined (used to build Subaru STi's and DSM's but this is my first BMW).

So questions are:
1) Is the RTAB and FCAB what the dealer is telling me about
2) what poly brand is the best for comfort and reliability....DON'T want OEM
3) Are there any other bushings that affect alignment other than RTAB and FCAB?

Thanks guys.
RTAB = rear trailing arm bushing
FCAB = front control arm bushing

OE is the best imo for comfort and some spirited drive, if not, then buy the Meyle bushings. Anything else will be stiffer.

3)The only bushings which affect alignment are the RTAB and FCAB.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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