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Reposting because I think the guys in the DIY thread might know a little bit more than in the General thread. :) I have a '00 E46 328CI that has the original LF-20 pump that just went on me, got a very good deal on an LF-30 power steering pump.. I also found this TSB bulletin (at the bottom), which makes it seem as if upgrading IS an option.

Has anyone had any experience upgrading to the LF-30? I scoured the Internet and found someone else who said "they upgraded" ... any thoughts? Do I just buy the NEW higher PSI hose and re-use the mounting brackets from the old pump, or am I going to have to custom fit the new LF-30?



I know by physically looking, the mounting brackets and pressure hose look different, I just want to make sure if I can use the LF-30 pump before I sell it!! Thanks in advance!!

LF-20 Power Steering Pump
E46 (3 Series) equipped with LF-20 power steering pump, except All-wheel Drive Vehicles
Customer may complain of increased efforts to turn the steering wheel at low vehicle speeds, e.g. when cornering or parking.
LF-20 power steering pump may have internal drive shaft wear damage from fluid impurities.
In case of a customer complaint, replace the LF-20 power steering pump with LF-30 power steering pump.


* Verify the LF-20 power steering pump part number used on the vehicle and refer to the Parts Information below for the appropriate LF-30 power steering pump replacement.
* Replace the power steering pump per Repair Instructions RA 32 41 061 or RA 32 41 060 (M52/M54).
* Also replace the pressure hose and o-ring.

*******> ********>*******>********>*******>********>
Part Number Description Quantity
32 41 1 094 965 LF-30 power steering pump replacement for LF-20 1
P/N 32 41 6 750 423 or 32 41 6 760 036

Or, 32 41 6 756 582 LF-30 power steering pump replacement for LF-20 1
P/N 32 41 6 760 034

32 41 6 764 725 Pressure Hose 1

64 50 1 468 463 O-Ring 1

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I did this only because my pump died on me, it'll work, I had to replace my supply and return hoses though, (one from the reservoir and one to the rack).

The LF-30 will replace your LF-20 with no problems, it just makes the wheel feel lighter and I guess it lasts longer...

Dang! old thread....
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