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ok so I've NEVER seen this sunroof system actually work fully in any e46's. So I'm coming at this not knowing or understanding it's full function.

First: Does anyone have a vid or illustration of exactly how the stupid thing was designed to work?

Second: If I remove the Sunshade, and "rear wiper" when lubing up my cassette, will I have any issues with water leaking in to the cassette? or the car?
I ask this only because realoem has the "rear wiper" as its commonly called...as part #23 RAIN GUTTER. Does this act as a rain gutter??


I just scored a nice looking cassette at the boneyard, and I waiting for some "BMW Genuine OEM Special Grease RHF 1 83-19-2-157-321"
to arrive so I can have a false sense of security that I'm using the right OEM Special Grease. lol.

I'm assuming it might be some sort of graphite hybrid as it would work better with the fuzzy worm gears. but who knows.
If it shows up and its gear oil. lol. Well id probably just graphite the tracks myself.
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