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Just thought I'd share some photos as some of you have asked about this very simple process. If you've recently replaced your OEM rotors, chances are they were not zinc-protected, and thus you saw your shiny new silver metal quickly turn to a brown, rusted color. The solution: simply paint the rotor hubs!

Step one - get the car off the ground and remove the wheels:

Here is a photo of what the unprotected bare metal rotor hubs look like after some exposure to water:

Step two - Clean off the rotor hub surface with a wire brush. I use a compressed air grinding tool with two different types of brush heads to get all the nooks and crannies:

The freshly cleaned rotor hub, void of rust:

Step three - You can opt to remove the caliper or even the entire rotor from the car, but it is entirely possible to mask these items without removing them. After you've masked, simply spray the hubs:

The paint I used was a high temperature engine paint:

Step four - Let the paint dry! :idea:

The finished product:

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