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2003 330cic, 2003 325iT
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I thought I would throw together a quick DIY for rebuilding the LUK LF-30 pump. If yours is intact, but leaking, this is a cheap route to getting the steering feel back.

Note. Inspect the shaft before rebuilding. If the shaft is broken, the pump should be replaced.

Hose clamp
New seals:

1. T30 driver or socket
2. 28mm socket
3. Pick and knife
4. 10mm and 13mm sockets
5. 17mm crows-foot
6. Container to capture waste fluid
7. ATF fluid
8. Replacement hose clamp for supply line


There is a great guide for removing and replacing the pump itself:BMW E46 Power Steering Pump Replacement - 1998-2006 3 Series

1. Loosen the pulley screws
2. Detach the serpentine belt (plenty of belt DIYs)
3. Detach the pressure line. Have the drain tray ready to capture the fluid.
4. Remove the supply line at the pump. Throw away the copper washers once removed. They are not reusable.
5. Remove two bolts on the front holding the mounting bracket to the oil filter housing
6. Remove the mounting bolt on the rear and remove the pump

Now the fun part!

7. On the bench, remove the four Torx screws holding the rear cover plate on the pump. Replacement torque - 54 in-lbs
Gas Nickel Font Rim Metal

8. Remove spring washer (center)

Remote control Automotive tire Camera accessory Bicycle part Rim

9. Remove and replace reservoir o-ring

Bicycle part Gas Machine Metal Camera accessory

10. Remove and replace outer seal on thrust plate

Bicycle part Rim Automotive tire Gear Motor vehicle

11. Remove and replace inner thrust plate seal

Bicycle part Gear Crankset Rim Bicycle drivetrain part

12. Remove outer thrust plate. I added this photo to clarify orientation

Automotive tire Gear Rim Gas Auto part

13. Remove pump ring

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Watch Automotive design Rim

14. Remove rotor and pressure plate - be careful to keep vanes from falling out of rotor

Gear Automotive tire Crankset Rim Bicycle part

15. Remove and replace pressure plate outer seal. Use a knife to carefully cut the seal

Wheel Automotive tire Crankset Bicycle part Camera accessory

16. Remove inner pressure plate seal (put it on the pressure plate when you replace)

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Bicycle part Rim

That is it for the pump itself. Carefully re-assemble. If you have cleaned parts, apply a thin coating of ATF when re-assembling.
Note the proper orientation for the rear cover plate when attaching.

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2003 330cic, 2003 325iT
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17. Remove the flow control valve/union fitting (pressure hose connection).

Bicycle part Gas Camera lens Automotive tire Auto part

18. Replace outer o-ring on the fitting

Household hardware Wood Gas Screw Metal

19. Replace inner o-ring

Household hardware Wood Gas Audio equipment Machine

20. Re-install fitting
21. Re-attach pump to oil filter housing - torque 22Nm (16 ft-lb).
22. Attach supply line and clamp securely
23. Re-attach pressure line with new crush washers - torque using crow's foot (90 degrees to shaft) 40Nm (30 ft-lb)
24. Re-attach pulley to pump and finger-tighten screws
25. Re-install serpentine belt
26. Torque pulley bolts - torque 22Nm (16 ft-lb).

Refill and bleed
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