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This is part 1 of how to make keys for your car in case you lost all your keys and the alternative is to bend over and take one from the dealer.

I'll go over the cost of this procedure so that people on here can evaluate whether or not it's worth their time.

I'm also currently attempting this for the first time so I'll continue to add on to this as I complete each step.

All I know is that in theory, this should all work. Eventually I may look into yet an even cheaper method to get this done which is buying a used set of keys and ignition lock cylinder and Programing it to the cars ews. it probably wouldn't even be that much cheaper. Might even be more expensive.

However in theory, getting a used already programmed key from another car to work on yours should work.

This diy is brought to you by the guy who wrote the 1st guide on programming keys using the ak90 and the ews editor lite.

Let's begin.

How much will this all cost? $105

Key programmer


Ak90 $30

Bmw ews editor lite $90

They both have their pros and cons. For your average person the ak90 may be better suited for that. The ews editor lite is definitely faster to get the final end product.

Lishi hu92 $40

This tool allows you to not only pick the lock on the e46 but a multitude of bmws. I just received it yesterday and have been practicing on a lock I grabbed from the junkyard.

At first it was a bit confusing and it took me awhile to succeed. After a couple of attempts, I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Instead of me explaining this procedure, here's a great link to this guy who explains it very well.

If the link doesn't show up, just do a search for lishi hu92 in depth tutorial.

In my case with my customers car who I'll be performing this on, she lost all her keys and the car is locked.

Once I unlock the car, what I'll need to do is keep the tool in the unlock or lock position and begin recording down the code for that lock.

With that information, I'll then message an eBay supplier I found who can now copy and cut a bmw diamond remote key with electronics and blank transponder for $35, key included.

Supposedly he's located in Virginia.

If the link dies, do a search for bmw e46 diamond key cut to your car.

Before I started out on this journey, I contacted that seller and asked if I could provide him with the key code, did he think he could cut one for me. He said he doesn't see why he couldn't.

What he usually does is ask that you take a picture of the key and send it to him. From that he cuts it then sends it to you.

The rest of this process is pretty straightforward.

Once you receive the key, using the ak90 you can program it to the car and be on your way. I'll update with pictures as I complete each step.

Total cost $105.
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