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We have been talking about it for a while, and I jst went through and quoted all the mods, If anything this will make it a little bit easier then searching all 14 pages.

For the Golf tee mod, Please Please Please dont ask if "your car has it"

MOD NAME: Golf Tee Mod


MOD BENEFIT: More low rpm 'rumble' exhaust note.

MOD DESCRIPTION: Remove vacuum line that closes a metal 'butterfly' valve. plug removed vacuum line with a golf tee or similar.

In the picture below you will see a metal butterfly valve in the right exhaust pipe, immediately above this is a rubber hose that connects to it. Nothing needs to be done on the exhaust side, as it will just stay open now.

This is the rubber hose that you pulled off of the exhaust, you can see I plugged the hose with a wire crimp.


MOD NAME: Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Delete


MOD BENEFIT: Smoother Shifting (Manual Transmission Only).

MOD DESCRIPTION: Remove an inline restriction valve that "limits" clutch slip for newbie's but is a major PITA for everyone else...(not in all e46's)

...CDV removed...


MOD NAME: Clutch Stop Mod aka Perfect Clutch Stop

MOD COST: <$5.00

MOD BENEFIT: Less Clutch Travel, Faster, Shifting (Manual Transmission Only).

MOD DESCRIPTION: Screw in a 1.5" elevator bolt with a adhesive furniture leg pad in place of stock clutch stop.

Clutchstop installed:



MOD COST: >$3.00

MOD BENEFIT: Colder/Free Flowing Air, Better MPG's

MOD DESCRIPTION: Cut 2" hole in bottom of air box, run flexible tube from air box to bumper cavity.

Tubing Installed:


Mod name: debadge

Mod cost: free

Mod benefit: looks good

Mod description: use credit card and slide underneath each letter or number, removing the "badge" then use goo gone or alcahol wipes to remove the remaining gunk, whatever you use to take off the gunk wipe it off as soon as your done using it because its probably not that great for you paint.

Mod link:http:
MOD NAME: E90 Vanity Lights Swap
MOD COST: $2.00 (Lights from ebay)
MOD BENEFIT: Better looks


MOD LINK (other sites/threads that contain a comprehensive DIY or provide more info)
My DIY Link

MOD NAME: Trunk Light mod
MOD COST: $3.00 (Lights from ebay)
MOD BENEFIT: More light for the people who actually use their trunk

MOD LINK (other sites/threads that contain a comprehensive DIY or provide more info)
DIY Link

MOD NAME: Alarm Shock Sensor install
MOD COST: $10.00
MOD BENEFIT: Increase the functionality of OEM Alarm

MOD LINK (other sites/threads that contain a comprehensive DIY or provide more info)
DIY Link

MOD NAME: Restoring rubber seals with silicone grease
MOD COST: $4.00
MOD BENEFIT: Restoring rubber seals

MOD LINK (other sites/threads that contain a comprehensive DIY or provide more info)
DIY Link
MOD NAME: Valentine 1 Hard wire ***Only if you already have any radar detector.

MOD COST: Varies...$0 if you have a V1 ($0 also if you have a escort and a phone cable)

MOD BENEFIT: Mod shows a simple place to retrive 12v & Ground for windshield/mirror mounted devices.

MOD DESCRIPTION: Pull down overhead light/sunroof control panel, tap secondary power cable lead.

Mod - Painted Reflectors
Mod Benefit - cleaner looking appearance
Cost - about $10 total for paint, primer and clear.
Difficulty - Easy, just takes time.

Painting the stock front and rear bumper refelctors vs. paying close to $100 for a set (front and back, or $60 for fronts).

I used Metailic Silver for mine. Did three coats of primer, 4 coats of color and 3 coats of clear. Not an exact match, but pretty close. The more Zanio (polish as they are now painted as well) I put on them with the rest of the car, the closer they match.

Mod Name: Coffee Cup - Alternate Holder

Mod Cost: Almost nothing

Mod Benefit: Stores my coffee cup safely out of the way when I am not using it and then I don't hit it with my elbow every time I shift.

Mod Description: No Pics - it isn't that difficult. Only works with coffee cups that have a handle that is open at the bottom.

Small piece of thin aluminum (hard plastic?) 2.5" x 1.25"

Short (7") piece of 1" webbing (fairly stiff)

Drill a hole near the top of the aluminum, melt a small hole in the two ends of the webbing, connect it all together with a pop rivet.

Slide the aluminum piece between the plastic frame and leather of the seat (careful!) just beside your transmission tunnel so the webbing sticks out foreward (underneath your knee area). When not in use, store your coffee cup there.

For double the cost, make another for you passenger.
Mod name: painted headlight trim

Mod cost: about $4

Mod benefit: looks great with shadow grills and smoked corners

Mod desc.: remove the headlight trim, light sand, primer, couple of coats of flat black spray paint


MOD NAME: Muffler Delete
MOD COST: Free unless you have someone weld on a set of tips or the originals.
MOD BENEFIT: Increased exhaust flow and sound
MOD DESCRIPTION: Take a saw and hack off muffler just before piping meets the casing. Disconnect any hangers and remove.
MOD NAME: Center console power outlet

MOD COST:~$7.00

MOD BENEFIT: Frees up your cigarette lighter and allows your to leave ashtray door closed.

MOD DESCRIPTION: A Cigarette lighter wired under your center console (hidden) allows you to plug in a cell phone/Ipod/GPS Charger.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

The small mods , even the inexpensive ones add up to a cool look.

Try this one

Kidney grill black paint mod
Cost $8.99 and an hour of your time

Take off your stock grills and give them a good sponge down in soap and water and then with alcohol to remove any road grease oils.

Scuff them good with a red scotch brite cloth evenly and get a uniform dull finish.

Use aircraft enamel paint(this stuff is used by helicopter mechanics where I work and it is togh stuff.)

Give the scuffed grills another good wash and alcohol treatment and let dry.

Spray evenly on the grills and get a good angle to get inside the vains for an even finish. Appy a few coats and let dry between applications.

Black grills are all done in a nice matte finish that is durable.
Lookie here:
Mod: Use a duplicolor tire paint pen to add white lettering. (Under $10)

I haven't tried this but I would consider if my tires were worthy.
Mod Name: Painted interior
Mod cost: 15-25 dollars depending on what type of paint you get
Benifits: a smother looking interior
Time it takes: I took a weekend to do this

1. Take all of the trim off from each of the doors and then the dash, just pry them off gently.
2. Wash each of them and then sand it down with a fine sand paper to rough it up so the paint will stick
3. Primer
4. Paint
5. Clear coat

Tips: Take your time. The better you do this the better it will look. I changed mine from wood to sliver. Looks great.
Mod name:Lil ghetto Air Intake
Mod cost: free if DIY/ maybe like $5 if you get a shop to do it for you.
Mod Benefit: Better air flow, a lil increase in sound and looks hidden so cops won't give you s***.
Mod Description:Take out air box and cut out the front wall of the air box. (Do at own risk! I am not responsible for your actions!)
Mod picture:
MOD NAME: Garage Door Opener in Ashtray
MOD COST: Cost of a switch
MOD BENEFIT: Stealthy Garage Door Opener/no need to take the opener inside when you park your car outside for the night
MOD DESCRIPTION: Wire up a switch to the ashtray

Amoeba gets credit for this diy. My favorite DIY to date for my car.
MOD NAME: Extending O2 sensor wires for aftermarket cat install
MOD COST: Free to $1
MOD BENEFIT: Prevents resistance variance from splicing different wires. Maintain a SES-free cluster. Up to 1.5-2ft extension, maybe even three.
This was on a 2004 325Ci w/ SS Headers, UUC TSE, and two Magnaflow Cats. Other models may vary.

(2) Nuts with spark plug thread (or go buy o2 bungs) (~$.50)

1) With a hole saw bit, cut two holes just after the cats. Make sure to cut at an easy to work angle and leave room for defoulers if desired/needed. Weld in both nuts/bungs. LABEL YOUR O2 SENSORS!!!

Engine bay:
1) Remove cabin air filter cover, filter, base and assembly.
2) Undo attached wire loom.
3) With a 10mm socket, undo top/drivers side engine cover (two bolts). There will be four plug assemblies, two "square" plugs on the passenger side and two "oval" plugs on the drivers side (these are your post cat sensor wires). Remove both from harness.
4) Now what would have made this a lot easier on me, is a second person. Have this person pull slightly and put tension on each O2 while you SLOWLY feed the extended harness until slack is out.
5) Install and wire tie excess wire.
6) Re-assemble and post your own DIY
MOD COST: ~$10.00

MOD BENEFIT: Cleans out your motor.

MOD DESCRIPTION: Sea Foam Engine Cleaner

The picture below is from the link below, basically, slowly pour about a third of the sea foam into the vacuum line indicated below. Turn off the car, re connect the vacuum tube, pour another third into your gas tank, wait 10 min, fire your car up and rev it up. It will blow out crap from inside your motor.

*Note* my car threw 3 codes after I did this, they were all related to fuel mixture and such, so I went to autozone to have them read & cleared. Couple months later and its all good! :thumbup:

ive seen this on the forum before but im not sure wasnt posted here, i cant take credit for it but im not sure who to give the credit too haha

cost: about $5 whatever for high temp paint just to be on the safe side

mod: paint washer fluid tank black

....i just think it looks a lot sharper and cleaner painted black opposed to that off white color...i chose to tape off the 5.3 L on the top

sorry for the cell phone shot but let me know what you think

I know that this is going to be way more than $10, but still it won't be anywhere near $500-700. Also, I still haven't done it/seen a full write up for the DIY (and yes, I've done multiple searches). But I have seen the product and it looks amazing! Hopefully this thread can bring this to someone's attention who's about to do it or has done it....

I came across this Matte CF Fabric:
And by taking this and some 3M spray adhesive you can make yourself a really nice looking CF interior trim for way less than buying an aftermarket CF trim! :woot:
Who ever can contribute, please do!

This is what I could find:

Oil Separator delete / Catch Can install

Catch Can $10-$20 on ebay or online...

Who needs it anyways? Keeps intake track clean and dry.
Just putting it up again with vid

MOD NAME: Sharpie Mod
MOD BENEFIT: Visual appearance
MOD LINK Video included
Mod: Colder/more air intake from stock box.
Why: Might get colder air, definitely get more air into the engine (not sure how much, but more than stock), sound will increase slightly (I was even able to get a slight "burble" since I also did the "golf-tee" mod), and cops can't give you sh!t for the intake (looks stock; got that from someone else but can't remember who).
DIY: Cut a small hole in the air box under where the filter goes. You can either cut a 3" hole and route a duct pipe to you brake duct to get colder air, or leave the 3" hole as is, or cut a larger hole in the side of the air box. Either way you want to go, you may want to cover the hole(s) with screen mesh (the stuff you use to patch a broken screen window; not sure of price since I had it lying around the house). For me, the whole thing cost me nothing (not including electric bill and gas used for a test ride :)).
And yes I did put the filter back on, etc.
Links: sort of too lazy/tired to look for them right now.

Also, I did the sharpie mod from Jake. And it came out great! :thumbsup:
Thanks For everyone Contributing to this BTW, If you have more, Post them and i will add them to the first page, thanks

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Yet another method to create the "drug bin" cover. I looked at fmzip's thread and didn't feel like using a Kingsford charcoal bin as the basis of my cover.

The only thing I had to buy was the acrylic sheet at Home Depot for $7 with tax.

Here's what you need:

  1. Acrylic Sheet (I got the Optix 18"x24" a lot bigger than you need but in case you screw up, you have the other half to work with)
  2. Jigsaw with plastic cutting bit (wood or metal works fine but the cuts are going to be rougher)
  3. Dremel with sanding and grinding bit
  4. Your choice of paint
  5. Cardboard
  6. Shears
  7. Clips

I noticed that everyones "drug bin" has a wide range of connectors/switches in them. Mine had the battery terminal facing towards the engine and the alarm switch inside the bin. So I only needed a hole for the pin to come out.

Ok so here's what I did:

Get a piece of cardboard and stencil out the general outline of the bin.

Then shape and form the piece until it fits in the bay perfectly. It took me two tries.

Clip the cardboard template to the acrylic sheet.

Using the jigsaw, cut the shape out

So this is where your setup may vary. Cut out your holes accordingly and then do a test fit.

Using the dremel, do some fine fitting by sanding/grinding the edges

Again, you may decide to paint this however you like. The nice thing about this acrylic sheet is that you can do really neat designs or have a little see through.

What I did was hit the cover with two coats of primer. I chose primer because it was able to cover up some of the imperfections on the sheet. I'm probably going to hit it with a final coat of matte black but this will do until then.

I'd like to add: (i dont know if it this mod was already posted, just thought of it and did it today)
Mod: Blacked out ///M emblem
Cost: just a can of flat black spray paint and automotive reflectorized stickers' (assuming you already have the emblems)
Benefit: sporty look


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;) haha its worth it, it sucked searching through 15 pages to fnd like 3 mods

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Is there any additional info on the "Oil Separator delete / Catch Can install" mod? I'm lost as to why we are capping off near number 6 in the diagram, isn't that part being removed?

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pm onepeon about that he will explain it thouroghly (SP) im really tired

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:) I'm glad i took the time to do this, I hope it will save some people time, and even myself time in the future
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