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Not the best of DIYs but more of a reference guide.

Okay so having the --:-- on my radio and cluster really just got to me one day.

Here's my fix for the broken tabs that make the twist function of the knob work.

I ended up by 6x6x9.5mm Micro Tact Switch PCB Mount Stem=6mm. 10 for $1.

So I removed the cluster to the point where I had the board by itself and un-soldered and just soldered on the new switch. Simple.

Here is one switched replaced. Notice how high up it sits.

At this point I test fit them and they were too high, so I ended up cutting the legs down a bit.

Final product.

When you twist it hits the switch and clicks it down just like as if you had those tabs in there.

Enjoy your clock once more.
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