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DIY Clear Lights

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Hey guys, did a DIY clear front and tail install tonite with my girlfriend. Took much longer than expected (I really suggest using a socket wrench like in the DIY section suggests.. we didn't have one so we used the BMW supplied wrench..yech).

Anyways, front lights went smoothly.

Taillights gave us a lot of trouble though because of the bolts and the lack of a socket wrench.

Finally got everything done but one thing is wrong and I'm hoping someone on this board can help me out?

In the LAST stage of the taillight installation, you're supposed to hook up electricity back up to the trunk light panel. I did that, but the problem is, I can't get that sucker to snap back into its proper place!

We tried for a while to force it back in to no avail.

These are BMW OEM taillights so compatibility shouldn't be an issue. Any sugesstions or tips?
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Thanks a lot for the info guys, I'll try out your suggestions and see what happens :)
Wow, what a simple little problem!

Thanks guys! Your information really helped me a lot. It was very simple to snap in after I broke off that plastic thing on either side.

Hey, I noticed that my stock front lightbulbs are amber, but the for my taillights, all the bulbs are white (the top ones for turn signals are not amber).

Is this normal?
Oh, and does anyone know CA (particularly southern-CA) law about turn signal lights? Do they have to be amber?

(depending on the answers, thinking about getting silver or platinum visions based off the suggestions from this board).
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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