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DIY Clear Lights

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Hey guys, did a DIY clear front and tail install tonite with my girlfriend. Took much longer than expected (I really suggest using a socket wrench like in the DIY section suggests.. we didn't have one so we used the BMW supplied wrench..yech).

Anyways, front lights went smoothly.

Taillights gave us a lot of trouble though because of the bolts and the lack of a socket wrench.

Finally got everything done but one thing is wrong and I'm hoping someone on this board can help me out?

In the LAST stage of the taillight installation, you're supposed to hook up electricity back up to the trunk light panel. I did that, but the problem is, I can't get that sucker to snap back into its proper place!

We tried for a while to force it back in to no avail.

These are BMW OEM taillights so compatibility shouldn't be an issue. Any sugesstions or tips?
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This is a little hard to describe, but take a look at the plastic "spikes" sticking out of the inside of the light assembly. When you re-attach the bulb carrier, this spike should fit into a hole in the bulb carrier. This may be where your problem is.

When the piece is manufactured, there are actually two spikes, and then one of them gets snipped off at the factory. (Take a look at your stock light and you'll see what I mean---right near the spike, you'll see where another spike was snipped off.) Now, compare your stock light to your new one. My guess is that the wrong spike was snipped off, and the remaining spike is not going into the hole. If so, just snip off the remaining spike, and you're all set. This was a problem with my OEM '02 sedan clears, and I know a bunch of other people who ran into the same problem. Never heard of this on an earlier year model, but your problem sounds exactly the same.

Hope this helps.
Yes, that's normal. The amber lens in the rear makes the white bulbs illuminate as amber. The front has an amber bulb because the plastic lens is clear.

I know there have been previous posts on the laws in CA on turn signal lights, but I believe that they can be white or amber in the front and on the sides, and amber or red in the rear.

I used the stock clear bulbs in the front corners, and DIY silvervisions on the sides and rear. Since the parking lights are on all the time at night, it's nice that they match the headlights---the only time you see any amber is when I'm actually signalling.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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