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so my brake light went on a few days ago and i thought.. well time to get new pads/rotors.. but before i did that i took the car to my fathers garage and changed the oil, spark plugs, cabin and air filters and decided to take a closer look at the pads..

after checking the front ones i went towards the back and found that the sensor cable itself popped off the plastic hold and was pretty much torn... i didn't have the part on hand so i decided to fix it on the spot (i hate having lights on in the dash).

i couldn't solder it so i decided to go this route. you can see in the pics. my only suggestion was to have smaller tubes.. i didn't so i ended up filling the ends with silicone to keep moisture out to avoid corrosion of the wire.

saved me 20ish bucks.. i just like DIY's and home made fixes. light went off after driving the car and restarting it.

good luck.




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