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Excuse my English, not good at writing stuff.

Things you will need:
1. self etching primer(or any other primer that bond with plastic) 12$
2. 600 grit sand paper(about 1 or 2 sheet is enough) 2$
3. tack rag 1$
4. Go to your local auto paint store and grab some paint that matches your car.You can get reduced ones for your spray gun or just in spray cans.(Doesn't really matter which one you choose.)About 30$
5. Some clear coat (optional,but looks much better.) 10$
6. time&$$$$
Total cost: around 55$(in Canadian peso) in about 2-3 hours, most of the time is waiting of the paint to dry

1.remove all the bumper trims by pry out the 2 piece on the side.

got this image form google, forgot to take a picture before removal and this car in the picture looks the same as mine.
Look at all these dirt behind it.

2. Scuff the the trim pieces with sand paper. Your can sand them smooth if you want.I just scuffed mine so primer sticks to it better.
3. Prim the surface with your favorite primer. Follow the instruction on the can.2-3 coats is good enough.(tip: primer is like mud,a couple light coats instead of a heavy coat can prevent it peel off.

4. After the primer have dried. use tack cloth to take off any dust and spray on the colour coat.2-3 coat is good. let it flash(dull looking) between each coat.(tiP: tack each time before spray )

I have terrible ventilation in my garage so i have to do it out side.
5. After the final colour coat has dried(usually takes about 30-45minuts) .Give it a final tack and spray on clear.
6.Pour a bottle of beer on top it ,after the paint have dried of course. And admire your hard work.


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