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Delmarco you are amazing guy, thank you for detailed instructions, a had that idea for 15 days and i made it, but only under footwell (because i don't have footwell lights) and then i saw your post, in few days i will do all of it and i will post here. Thank you very much :) :) :)

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Hello, great DIY!
Did you connect all the orange led interior and white exterior door handle lights on that trunk switch???

If connected that way, all the lights go on and off while open or close the car???

Please reaction

Dave from The Netherlands

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Okay, so I'd like to contribute to this. I went ahead and did this mod myself yesterday. Started at 10am and finished at 7pm, worked straight without breaks. But I am pretty firmilliar with the interior parts and very crafty with figuring problems out.
So here's what I did differently. I went out and bough 60 feet of 22-4. It's insulated with 4 different color wires. Basically insulated phone wire.
NOTE 1) you can do this mod by running only 2 wires, for the front doors there is a black ground wire in them, the back doors it's brown.
Note 2) you don't need to run a wire for dash lights into the back doors. You can just tap off the window up down switch.
So really you just need to run 2 wires to the front doors. and 1 to the back doors.
I just used the same 4 cable wire for all.
I started from the front drivers side and ran all my wires from there and went around the back to the other side, this method is much easier.
This is the part you'll love me for, getting the wires threw the tubes is very easy, just used 8-10" piece of 16 awg copper wire and tape the wire to it, then fish it threw. It's so easy.
Now for gettin the wire into the door I went ahead and drilled a hole level with where the wires came into the door, just in far enough to miss the door panel. Then make sure you use a grommet in the hole you drilled, don't want the wire getting cut up. Now for the door handle led's I actually did this with the windows up and ran the wire straight down and back up to the inside. This avoids the window snagging the wires which is what happen the first time I did this mod.
Hope this helps and sorry if my English is bad.

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How to do it

All kudos to DelMarco who has made alot of cool stuff with his E46 even if some things might have been in a more pro way.

I like this kind of mod even if I still not know how it looks in real life on my car.

But if I go look for buying a E46 and I se this kind of cables inside a car it's a walk away. There is nothing else then this kind of cablemanagemant that scares me more, not even a dodgy sounding engine.

Traxnox is correct about the common ground inside the door. You do not need to run ground cable in to the door, it's already there. I do recomend running 1 extra ground cable any way that you use for 3 different retorfit mods for the E46 door.

>Outside doorhandle lightning - turned on when you unlook the car with remote.

>Inside doorhandle lightning - always on while key is in position 1 or more, same as your cluster or interior red light while driving.

>Welcome light with classic BMW logo on the ground when door is open. - turns on when you open the door.

The thing that upset me most is the way DelMarco and other people run these extra no OEM cables in the cars, it realy looks ugly and unproffessionaly.

When it comes to the doors, go get the cable you need from an BMW E39, there doors are bigger and therefor have extra length in the cable you need
for your E46. E39 have the same door connector as the E46, samme rubber gromit, so you disamble the connector and push out the small metall connectors.
you need. 1 for possitive + and 1 for ground -, ground should be brown!

Every E39 have welcome light, cut out that cable from the connector inside the door down to the door connector. The possition inside the door connector in E39 where the positive + cable sits is even vacant, not used on your E46, it's like if BMW prepared the E46 for future Welcome light but newer released it to market. There are several free slots in the door conector, even in the Media connector for the speakers in the doors there are 2 vacant slots. So you can add 1 more speaker to the door if you building your own laudspeaker system with out running ugly cables in the rubber gromit. Cut out speaker cable from E39 and put it inside your door connector, solder special connector to fit your
new number 4 speaker and VOILA you have added 1 more speaker True OEM style.

For the inside door handle light, you can use the E39 cable and connector for the "not cut off your fingers safty function using your electric window regulators" not know the name of this in English. This goes from your main door connector up to the mirror and there is a small 2 pin connector thats leads upp to the tweeter speaker, cut the cable under the speaker. Now you have short 15cm cable with 2 pin connector to solder on the red LED for inside door handle light. And it can be disconnected OEM style, just as if BMW made it for E46.

I wonder what DelMarco would have done if he for some reason had to remove his door when running cables like he and many people reading this DIY do.
And I can come up with very good reasons why you would like to remove your door without having to cut alot of cables.

My way you spend a little more time in the scrapyard cuting out OEM cables from a E39 or E53 but less time pulling ugly no OEM none disconectable cables in your car. And I think I pay around $10 for all the cables in the scrapyard.
You also need Textile tape from WISH or Ebay for about $3 and a soldering peen/station.

Just informing people that are other ways to do this mod.

I'm restoring and renovating a Alpina B3 3.3 Touring, thats why I take the time to find out about this.
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