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Hi all, I'm changing separator & crank case ventilation tubes. DIYs give advice to clean DISA and ICV as they are removed.

Have you opened DISA and/or ICV to clean them? They both seem solid packages that won't open easily. I've already cleaned them externally. They both probably have O-ring separating electrical system from intake air.

Another thing: the separator (or CCV) side of the engine seems to be quite oily and dirty. From the top, the engine is dry; so I believe valve cover gasget is OK. I got new filter stand gasget and will change it. Can the head gasget leak oil out?

I plan to redo Vanos seals too. Any idea to tighten the head bolts? I've been suspecting leaking head gasget due to oil consumption, but workshop said it is false diagnose. Oil and water look OK.

The car is 325i convertible, MY 2001.
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