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Dinan! is it worth it?

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hi im planning on getting some dinan parts like the 325 Performance Engine Software and the intake.... what i want to know is, have anyone with a 325ci step have any of this MOD done to the car? and does it really make a difference? and what prices should i be looking at for these MODs?

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im getting kind of hooked up so...this is why im asking. anyone know the normail price for this stuff?
cRAzYgUy said:

yeah..you're getting 20% off the products right?
naaa mayb around 40% or 50%? idonno he just said give me a list of wut you want and hes gonna check the price...
ill let you guys know how much i get off...and if i can...ill see wut i can do if anyone wants in on this
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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