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Differential w/o LSD

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For those folks who have upgraded their gearing. Do you think regret getting the upgrade w/o getting the limited slip as well? DO you find the DSC coming on while launching from a start or accelerating out of the corners? I am considering a 3.38 on my 2003 330i (6 speed, No ZHP in Canada so 2.93 final drive still).
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I just upgraded my gearing from a 3.15 to 3.46 yesterday. I don't regret not getting the LSD. I don't know what your ultimate goal is for upgrading your differential. Is it to just pick up more speed, or is it to transfer the power between the rear wheels?? I wanted the diff to pick up more speed and my 3.46 definately did the job. If anyone want's my diff it is for sale.
i know that you have a open diff right now in your 330. when you launch off the line how do you feel about the wheels spin? When you swap for a more aggressive gearing with an open diff, you should feel the same amount of wheelspin you have currently.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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