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Did you know that the Tire Rack chromes some BBS wheels themselves? It's true, says BBS Customer Service Rep. An insignia close to the valve stem reading TR or BBS tells who did it.

We have been experiencing flaking of chrome and loss of tire pressure (due to a bad 'chrome job') and decided to make it right by having the Tire Rack fulfill their warranty. However they refused to take the wheels saying, 'The wheel bead was compromised, due to a bad installation.' So, we contancted BBS and told them our story. The CSR concluded that the problems we were experiencing were due to a bad 'chrome job.' He said they would take care of it (...meaning replace bad wheels with wheels of our choice...) if they were the ones who chromed them.

Now, when we go to get the tire removed from the rim, I sure hope BBS was the one who chromed them because they are going to stand behind their product. Which I can't say for the Tire Rack.

We've spent over $6,000 in wheels and tires and this is the service we get? If someone is listening from the Tire Rack feel free to respond I would like to hear your input...

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