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A while back, I ordered the following clutch kit for my '04 325i manual:
SACHS Part # K7052001 {#21207551576, 7551576}
Body code E46; Non-Sequential trans.; Outer Diam: 9-1/8; Inner Diam: 1-5/32; TEETH:22T

I ordered it from RockAuto and it's too late to return it. Originally, we planned to install this over a weekend with some of my auto/engine friends who know what they are doing. Everybody is too busy to get this done, so I asked the dealership to put it in. They gave me labor rates, but also their price on their own clutch kit saying they cannot guarantee this one will fit.

Anyone know for sure, or know of a site that will help me confirm this prior to them getting in there only to find out it won't work? If it won't fit, I'll sell this as it's still not even out of the box.

Thanks all.
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