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Newbie to the whole detailing thing, and I work too hard to spend multiple hours working on my car. Its high time to get it professionally detailed (no flames, please) and I don't really know enough to ask the right questions, and get the right services at the right price.

I'd say at a minimum for the exterior I'd want them to wash, clay the paint to remove grime, dirt and rain spots, wax the paint, and... that's all I know. Should they do something specific with the trim? Windows? (I'm not a fan of Rain-X, personally)

Here's the kicker: top to bottom, how much should all of this cost? $120 - 150? Something else? FYI I'm going to have it done in either New York City or on Long Island.

As I look back on it this seems like a pretty silly post, but if there's anything in particular that I should have done please let me know.

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